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New machine on the way!

As you probably have noticed, things have come to a halt at the workshop. It was time for a change in our equipment, so we temporarily shut down our online store. We sold our first CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine in order to purchase a more robust CNC machine from CAMaster. The new CNC machine will allow us to create items up to 2' wide by 4' long. It will also allow us to attach a computer controlled lathe in the future. Faster cutting times, more accurate carvings, and smoother finishes will be possible with this machine. It should be here in a couple of weeks and we are looking forward to it's arrival. In the mean time, a new space is being created in the shop for the new CAMaster CNC. We hope to be up and running by September and have new items available for the holiday season. Thanks again for your support and we'll keep you updated!

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